Cyril Neville - Music Influencer

As a member of the Neville Brothers, Cyril Neville has influenced countless musicians and groups. His nephew Ivan founded one of America's pre-eminent funk & jam bands in 2003 called Dumpstaphunk.

Jon Pareles of the New York Times said this about them:

""Ivan is the son of Aaron Neville, and he joined his father along with two uncles — Art Neville of the Meters, who defined New Orleans funk, and Cyril Neville — in the Neville Brothers before starting Dumpstaphunk. Their funk follows through on the Nevilles’ distinctive style: a complex of syncopations developed from sudden bass lunges, chattery drumming, hooting keyboard chords and wah-wah guitar."

You can check out Uncle Cyril in action with Dumpstaphunk here. Enjoy:

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