Meet Blackwater Brass

Opening up for all of the Ocean Springs Live concerts is Blackwater Brass. The Ocean Springs based 10 piece funk and jazz band. Blackwater Brass has been heavily influenced by New Orleans style funk mainstays.

Members: Corey Christy aka The Brown Don Draper - Bass,

Magic Megaphone Gary Cooper - Drums

Zachery Fellman - Keys, Sax

Eli Dollar - Sax

Garrett Bond - Trumpet, Euphonium, Auxilary Percussion

Mondo "Mondizzle" Belamonte - Trombone, Lap steel

Nevin Applewhite - Sax

Brandon Kenyon - Cornet

Andrew Heaton - Sousaphone, Trombone

Genre: Funk, Brass, Jam

Hometown: Ocean Springs, MS

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